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We’ve heard reports that folks continue to have problems with transporting Hazardous Materials on flights carried on by passengers or shipped by air.   These tight regulations are in place for safety reasons, folks, so FAA is pretty serious about this, and they are handing out some pretty hefty fines for these avoidable violations!    Please take the time to look over this handout that spells out what is allowed and what is not on airplanes.  Feel free to forward the link, print it out, share it!
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The AGC of Alaska Education Committee is pleased to announce that scholarships are again available!  Students planning to enter construction through construction post-secondary education are encouraged to apply.  Contact Denise at the AGC office in Anchorage at 907-770-1826 or via email denise@alaskacef.org for more information.  Scholarship application packets can be obtained by clicking here to download the Word file or click here for the PDF version. Click here to view the AGC Scholarship Fact Sheet.




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