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About AGC

The mission of AGC of Alaska is to advocate for our members and the Alaskan construction industry; to provide educational opportunities for our members; and to make the public aware of our members’ skills, responsibility, and integrity.

Simply stated: Advocate, Educate, Promote.

AGC of Alaska is the construction industry’s largest professional trade association, representing over 600 general and specialty contractors and industry suppliers/service providers statewide. Membership with AGC is your “in” to Alaska’s vast construction industry network and provides members with essential tools and resources to grow their business and enhance the people, productivity, performance, and perception of your organization. Joining AGC is the best possible way to ensure that your voice is heard on the numerous issues affecting your daily construction-related business activities, including those related to COVID.

AGC facilitates cooperative and collaborative relationships between members, contractors, related construction industry professionals, governmental bodies and other groups for responsible dealings with the public. We unite the construction industry to focus on balanced industry advancement and work to foster and promote constructive legislation, regulation, and standards, and act as a resource to anyone with questions about the industry.
AGC is committed to fostering and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement in construction standards and ethical business practices. Through our members, we are able to provide thousands of dollars in scholarships each year to Alaskan students pursuing higher education in construction-related fields. We offer AK-CESCL and CQM certification courses to ensure that existing workers are fully prepared for the day-to-day in the field. Safety education is a high priority, reflecting the ever-present need in the industry to keep jobsites incident-free and workers safe. AGC hosts a Safety Database that is free for our members to access hundreds of safety resources and templates.
The members of AGC represent the best of Alaska, and our goal is to represent them and promote the quality work they perform. To this end, we produce multiple publications, TV & social media advertisements, encourage members to participate in community events, and always encourage members to get to know and use other members. Our commitment to advocacy ensures that our member's voices are heard throughout the state on important issues affecting the construction industry.

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