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AGC Scholarship


The Associated General Contractors of Alaska, Inc. (AGC of Alaska) scholarship program is designated to encourage students to pursue a career in the construction industry or related field. Specific career paths include: engineering, architecture, construction management, and related careers such as accounting, insurance and bonding, and human resources. Scholarship awards will be limited to degree-seeking individuals who plan to live and work in Alaska.


Scholarship applications must be submitted by March 31st at midnight. The AGC Education Review Committee will award up to $20,000 in scholarships. Scholarship recipients will be notified by April 15th. Pending circumstances, recipients will be presented with scholarship award at an AGC event (TBD).


The objective of the Associated General Contractors' Scholarship Program is to encourage students to pursue a career in the construction industry.


  1. Applicants must plan to enter the construction industry or a related field (supportive field) such as accounting, insurance, bonding, human resources, etc.
  2. An individual must submit a complete application with the following attachments:
    1. One-page essay on "career goals" (max 500 words)
    2. An essay about the applicant--does applicant work and go to school, family obligations, hobbies, etc. (max 500 words)
    3. Copy of recent transcripts
    4. Letters of recommendation written within the last two years (minimum of 2)
  3. Applicant must be either a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States and a resident of Alaska



Selection Criteria: 

The recipients of the scholarship awards are based on the following criteria

  1. Career Goals: Evaluation is made by assessing the two essays described above
  2. Extracurricular Activities: Describe activities such as: do you work and go to school? Family obligations. College and community activities. Offices held, Awards received, Participation in sports. Work experience.
  3. Recommendations: Each applicant must include at least two (2) letters of recommendation written within the last 2 years, preferably from teachers or employers knowledgeable about applicants capabilities and work history.
  4. Transcripts: Include copies of recent transcripts.

Submittal of Applications: 

  • All applications must be submitted online by March 31st at midnight.
  • All supporting documents MUST be submitted as PDF files.

The applicant is responsible for submitting a complete application package.

Administration of Award: 

General: The members of the AGC Education Review Committee will act as the Scholarship Program Committee and are responsible for making recommendations to the AGC Executive Director for selecting the recipients of the award.

Publicity: Award results will be listed in the AGC newsletter, website, and social media pages. It will also be published in the Alaska Contractor magazine.

Disbursement of the Scholarship Awards: 

Disbursement of the scholarship awards shall be made in the form of a check in the name of the recipient and sent directly to the recipient's school.