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AGC Safety Database

The AGC Safety committee is committed to providing the most up-to-date safety plans, templates and additional safety related material as possible. This material is intended to serve as a guideline for building your own comprehensive safety programs.  The data continues to be gathered from multiple source experts across several industries within the state of Alaska.  The safety committee will continue to strive to update the information within this system as often as possible, but stresses the importance of checking programs for updates and regulation changes  before implementing a safety program. The Safety Database is open to members and Non-members. Click here to read the Disclaimer.

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Safety Related Training & Services

Needing some safety related training? Check out what these AGC Members are offering. 

Suicide Prevention Resources

Suicide is a critical issue in our communities. Suicide rates are climbing -- and in the A/E/C (architecture/engineering/construction) industry, we lose people -- fathers, mothers, sons and daughters -- to suicide at six times the national average. Many things feed this epidemic and, while no one program or tool will eliminate suicide, putting resources and support in the right places, upstream, can help make a difference.

Safety Resources

Here you will find safety-related information, training, links, and more.   Because SAFETY is everyone's responsibility!

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