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AGC Board of Directors Nomination Form

CLICK HERE to submit an AGC Board of Directors nomination form (for yourself or another AGC member)

AGC annually elects our full board of directors every November. The Board Development Committee will review all nominees and prepares separate lists for the purpose of creating and maintaining the required contractor balance on the Board of (a) Building Contractors, (b) Highway-Utility Contractors, (c) Heavy Industrial Contractors, and (d) Specialty Contractors as well as Associates. 

AGC's Board of Directors is made up of good-standing members who support AGC's mission and goals and devote their time, effort and wherewithal to AGC business. This responsibility includes service to the board, attending board meetings, and active participation on chapter committees, the lifeblood of our organization. Click here for AGC's current Board of Directors. 

​AGC Board of Directors Responsibilities & Expectation:
Click here for Board of Directors Responsibilities & Expectations presentation.
Click here for Board of Directors Job Description. 

Attend Board Meetings 

  • April General Board Meeting - AGC Fairbanks Office (3 hours).
  • November General Board Meeting - Captain Cook Hotel Anchorage (3 hours).
  • Meetings are in person without a call-in option.


  • Attend committee meetings.
  • Contribute to committee's success.
  • Report committee progress to board at full board meetings.


  • Participate in AGC events.
  • Attend and encourage others to participate in AGC activities.
  • Financially support AGCs events and encourage others to as well.


  • Help advise the Executive Board on important issues.
  • Participate in a AGC committee(s). AGC of Alaska relies on board members to serve on committees which help to define and implement the internal and external priorities of the organization.
  • Help educate and inform the public and policy-makers about construction industry issues.
  • Financially support AGC, PAC at the national and the state level.
  • Submit comments and testify on development issues; including issues of a broad resource development perspective.
  • Work to advance legislation and regulations that lead to a healthy construction industry and responsible economic development.


  • Highlight your AGC affiliation whenever possible
  • Refer new membership prospects and help with follow-up


  • Executive Board Officers are elected by Board Members

For more information, contact

The mission of AGC of Alaska is to advocate for our members and the Alaskan construction industry; to provide educational opportunities for our members; and to make the public aware of our members’ skills, responsibility, and integrity.