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Workforce Development

Funded by contributions from the Alaska Construction Industry Progress Fund (CIPF), AGC launched a multifaceted digital campaign geared towards attracting, activating, and engaging the next generation of Alaska's construction industry workforce. The WeBuildAlaska effort highlights the various paths the careers in construction and promotes training/apprenticeship programs throughout Alaska. 

Visit to view how one can pursue a journey in Alaska's construction industry, with information and resources on wages, training paths, apprenticeship opportunities, and more.

CIPF was organized to advance the interests of the construction industry in the State of Alaska.  To accomplish its mission, the CIPF is structured to:

·      Inform the public of the positive contribution made to the people of the State of Alaska by the construction industry;

·      Discuss the problems restricting the efficiency and productivity of the industry;

·      Propose solutions to those problems to assist the industry in better assisting the public;

·      Establish a communication and education system in Alaskan schools to inform future Alaskans of the opportunities in the building and construction industry; and

·      Develop strategies to attract workers to the construction industry.

Workforce Committee

AGC's Workforce Committee focuses on ways AGC can bolster the existing training and apprenticeship programs throughout the state to address the qualified workforce shortage facing our industry. They also conduct outreach within the school system to promote the We Build Alaska campaign and resources, connecting educators with industry to better promote careers in construction.

If you're interested in joining AGC's Workforce Commmittee, reach out to Ruby Oatman, AGC Training & Workforce Development Director, for additional information on how to get involved.