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Member Dues

AGC of Alaska's purpose lies in providing year-round services to our members specifically tailored to the needs of the construction industry. Your membership dues help cover the costs of your local chapter, and your national organization’s, services to the industry and to you. To learn more about the full benefits of membership, click here. AGC of Alaska members are also members of AGC of America. To explore the benefits of your AGC national membership, click here.

Below is a brief description of each level of membership that we offer, and the corresponding dues. If you need help identifying the appropriate membership category for your business, contact AGC membership director, Clare Kreilkamp.

General Contractor Member

$1,300/year + Quarterly Volume Dues
  • You are a licensed general contractor who submits bids directly to project owners.
  • 50% or more of your annual work is general contracting.

Specialty Contractor Member

$1,000/year + Quarterly Volume Dues
  • You provide on-site labor to perform some portion(s) of a construction contract.
  • Less than 50% of your annual work is general contracting.

Associate Member

  • You are suppliers and/or professional-service providers to the construction industry who do not perform on-site construction work.
  • ie: insurance/financial institutions, legal firms, equipment dealers, material suppliers, etc.

What are Quarterly Volume Dues? In addition to annual membership dues, our general and specialty contractor members are subject to reporting quarterly volume dues (QVDs), only if/when they’ve exceeded the $1,000,000 gross volume threshold in a given year. The $1,000,000 gross volume threshold is based solely on construction projects that are completed in the state of Alaska. Remittance of QVDs allows AGC to keep our annual membership dues levels lower so that more companies can participate in our membership programs. We structure our dues to include annual membership dues separate from quarterly volume dues, so the initial cost of membership isn’t as prohibitive.

Click here for the General Contractor QVD FAQ & Rate Sheet.
Click here
for the Specialty Contractor QVD FAQ & Rate Sheet.

Note - If you are joining after July 1st, you will be charged a half-year pro-rated membership dues rate instead of full dues. Difference to be reimbursed upon joining:

General Contractors pro-rated dues: $850
Specialty Contractors pro-rated dues: $600
Associate Full (includes Online Plans access) pro-rated dues: $550
Associate Basic (no Online Plans access) pro-rated dues: $500

Have questions about membership? Contact AGC membership director, Clare Kreilkamp, at 907-561-5354 or

Learn more about how member dues contribute to our mission in our 2023 Annual Report to Members