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AGC Sporting Clays Shoot

A Big Thank You to everyone who joined us, and sponsored, the 2021 Sporting Clays Shoot on August 6 at Birchwood Recreation & Shooting Park.  We really appreciate your support!

Top Shooters:

Gerald Atol with a 97
Chad Schonbeck with a 96
Jack Hanson with a 94
Todd Pulis with a 94

Top Teams:

1. Team Grazzini - 457
Earl Andersen
Eric Andersen
Gerald Atol
Todd Pulis
Wyatt Hepper

2. Team Granite (Team 1) - 399
Craig McMullen
Chad Schonbeck
Dave Laster
Derek Morgan
Marty Thurman

3.Team KLEBS Mechanical, Inc. - 396
Rob Nelson
Louis Strahler
David Johnston
Michael Hunsicker
Shay Foster