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Who are the Alaska Warriors?

Disabled Veterans face incredible obstacles as they struggle to find a new identity in civilian life. Having been part of a supportive team of brothers and sisters while on active duty, disabled veterans often find themselves with limited support or even alone to face their new reality in a civilian world that they no longer feel connected with. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs an average of 20 Veterans take their own life every day. In answer to this alarming statistic and to honor the brave men and women who selflessly volunteered to serve our great nation, in 2017 Challenge Alaska joined the movement and formed Alaska Warriors Hockey, specifically to serve disabled Veterans living in the Last Frontier.

Alaska Warriors offers disabled Veterans a community to rely on and provides a network to connect with other disabled Veterans. The obvious benefits of being with the team include promoting increased physical and social health. Encouraging healthy competition and skill mastery give the Veteran goals to strive toward and provides a healthy outlet for stress and anxiety in a productive way. Less obvious, but more importantly, the team fills the void experienced by so many disabled Veterans upon leaving active duty, offering a supportive community on and off the ice.

Warriors Hockey is a discipline within USA Hockey’s Disabled Hockey section and Veterans with disabilities qualify to play under specific criteria set forward in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs.  As a non-profit organization, donations to the Alaska Warriors Hockey program (made payable to Challenge Alaska) are tax deductible under our 501(c)(3) number 92-0080897.

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