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Board Development Committee

Meeting Goals, Expectations and Supporting Documents


  1. Create and maintain the required balance of Building Contractors, Highway-Utility Contractors, Heavy Industrial Contractors, Specialty Contractors and Associates to be presented on the ballot.
  2. After two (2) contractors are elected per division, have a remaining seventeen (17) contractors to be considered for the eleven (11) Member-at-Large vote and six (6) appointments. After six (6) associates are elected, have a remaining three (3) associates to be considered for board appointments.

Expectations and Supporting Documents: 

As the committee, you can run the meeting as you see fit. Historically, it goes something like this:

  1. Become familiar with AGC’s elections process by reviewing AGC’s Bylaws and AGC’s Policies and Procedures
  2. Become familiar with AGC's Board of Director's Chapter Handbook which includes:
    1. Board Job Description
    2. Board Responsibilities & Expectations Presentation
    3. List of AGC Committees and participating members
  3. Review AGC Member Nomination Survey results
  4. Review the comprehensive Committee List for other potential nominees
  5. Consider the following when approving nominees:
    1. Life Board History and Full Board Tracking
    2. Full Board History 2014-2023
  6. The AGC Approved Board Nominee Tracking will be updated throughout the meeting based on those approved.