AGC offers a wide variety of benefits: click on the links to find out more detailed information.

AGC Online Plans

Launched in 2014, AGC's Online Plans has quickly become the go-to tool for information on all of the construction projects - past, present, and future - going on in the state of Alaska. The site hosts the plans, specifications, addenda, contact information, and much more, providing users with all the crucial information for any given job. Click here to learn more or request a username and password.


Since its founding in 1948, AGC has served as the voice of the construction industry in the state of Alaska, providing expert advice and guidance to state and federal agencies, private groups, and other trade organizations. Learn more about:

Education & Training

From elementary school to post-secondary and apprenticeship programs, AGC is involved at every level of construction education in Alaska, awarding thousands of dollars in scholarships every year. Our offices host frequent AK-CESCL and CQM classes (with a member discount), and are available to rent for your own trainings.


If you’re looking for an ‘in’ to the construction community, you’ve found it. AGC frequently gathers our varied membership together for many different kinds of events. Whether you prefer the educational Lunch & Learns or the Annual Forecast Breakfast, the fun Train Ride and Clay Shoot events, or a blend of the two, you’ll always walk away with invaluable lasting connections.

Healthcare & 401k

The Northwest chapters of AGC (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, & Idaho) collaborated with private service providers to create specialized and competitive health care and retirement plans for it's members. To learn more, click on the links below:

Publications & Exposure

We pride ourselves on knowing that we represent the best of the construction industry and make it part of our mission to inform the general public, local and national government, other contractors, and others of our members' dedication to excellence and their achievements. This is accomplished through multiple print and digital mediums, television ads, advertising and sponsorship opportunities, awards for design & safety, and more. We print a yearly roster - the best construction phonebook you'll ever find - and a quarterly magazine, The Contractor, which has a distribution list over 5,000 strong. Find out more through the links below:


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