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AGC Health Benefit Trust

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The AGC Health Benefit Trust is an association plan co-sponsored by the AGC of Alaska, AGC of Washington and Inland NW AGC chapters.  The Trust partners with various carriers and vendors to provide AGC members with a robust employee benefit package to aid in attracting and retaining employees.
Underwritten as a single large employer benefit plan, the Trust allows flexibility and choice in plan design, innovative programs, a stable risk pool, and a safe harbor for navigating health care reform for eligible AGC members of all sizes.

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Ask for a Quote Today!
We encourage every eligible* company (members and prospective members) to request a quote and review the program. We believe the results will meet your business objectives. For questions, plan comparisons or to receive a no-obligation quote, contact Autumn Schwerdfager at (503) 462-4041 or via email.

*Who is eligible? 
To maintain our status as a bona fide construction industry association health plan, we must limit membership based on the criteria below. If a group does not meet one of the criteria, they are not eligible to participate in the health plan.

  • Employers that are active general or specialty contractors, related industry material suppliers or industry professionals (such as engineers, architects, etc.).
  • Employers must have a business presence in Alaska.
  • Employer must have a minimum of two enrolled permanent employees (cannot be husband and wife).